Reach your health goals without restrictions

FIT by the Figure is a holistic one-stop-shop for transforming your relationship to fitness, nutrition and yourself.

This isn’t a quick fix

It’s a lifestyle overhaul to provide you with the support and guidance to achieve the results that you didn’t
believe were possible. There are no harsh restrictions or diets, but real tools that create sustainable, long-term results.
Are you ready to transform your life by prioritising fitness, nutrition and mindset to take control of your
mental and physical wellbeing?

Join us live - or in your own time!

Join us live on YouTube every week! Regular workouts + weekly yoga.

Choose between 8 different types of workouts - from regular to pregnancy, and from yoga to express.

All workouts on the app are done in real time - meaning we work out when you do so you can just follow along! 

Save all your favourites by 'heart-ing' them! 

Choose difficulty, duration, equipment, muscle group and type of workout. 

You can join us live, comment and connect with our community on YouTube!
Or if you prefer to do you own thing, in your own time, you can choose between +60 real time workouts.
Ranging from full body workouts to express workouts (when you’re short on time!) and challenges. 
If you’re pregnant or prefer to calm your mind with yoga ….


Choose your plan

We’ve got two plans: accelerate and elevate – the latter gives you access to our premium feature ‘coach on call’ for all your burning questions!
My team and I are all certified coaches in Australia and can’t wait to support you in achieving your goals!


Running plans

Are you a beginner or an avid runner? You’ll find 4 different running plans on FIT – taking you from the couch to a full marathon! Oh, and if you want me to cheer you on for the first 5km, just plug in and let me do the talking! 

with Bethany

FIT is loaded with mindset tools and resources to help you when life gets a little fuzzy – including meditations to bring calm to your world.

nourish your body

Explore recipes

You will find over 100+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All recipes have macro information and will track towards your daily goal – regardless if you’re looking to lose weight, maintain or build muscle!


Daily Check-in

It’s important to acknowledge your journey hence why we created a daily check-in where you can track your progress and practise gratitude. 

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