banana protein pancakes with berries
Fit By The Figure

Fit By The Figure

Banana Protein Pancakes

So this recipe is basically the easiest pancake recipe about – and to be honest – it’s the recipe I use for Harper – with just some added protein and toppings.  Everyone loves pancakes – but they don’t have to be heavy and full of sugar to be delicious.

Serves: 1
Calories per serve: 315 calories (before toppings)

1 banana – mashed with a fork until semi smooth
1 egg beaten
15g oats
15g Happy Way Ice Ice baby Vanilla Protein powder
Vanilla Essence
1/2 tsp chia seeds

60g greek yoghurt
raspberries and blueberries
10ml maple syprup

Mix banana, egg, protein, cinnamon, vanilla and chia seeds in a bowl.  Heat pan and spray some olive oil spray (if needed).  Poor into pan into small rounds – flip after about 2 minutes.  Cook both sides and repeat until all mixture has gone.

Top with yoghurt and berries – enjoy for Breaky or just a snack. I also like to add a little maple syrup for a treat

Note: do not try to make big pancakes – the mixture is delicate and you won’t be able to flip them in once piece.

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