Nourishing Little Lives – Recipe Book

Nourishing Little Lives – A baby and toddler recipe book to help your mini thrive

Welcome to the fun, messy, and sometimes challenging
milestone that is introducing solids!

It’s a journey, for sure, and every single one is different and unique. There will be days when your baby loves one thing and they throw it the next, there will be frustration, a lot of mess, smiles and no doubt, tears. It will take trial and error, persistence, patience and resilience.

But it is so important for our children to get all of their nutrients. Creating good eating habits from the start is the first step in making sure this happens. Ensuring our kids get all of their vitamins and minerals is vital for the development of all their cells, including brain function, organ function, bone strength, and energy production. Not only this, but getting our kids to eat a variety of food, and enjoy nutrient dense food, creates great habits for the future and ensures a positive and healthy relationship with food as they grow.

I hope this book brings education, excitement and a sense of fun and exploration for you, your mini and your whole family.

Starting good relationship with food from day one, making it fun, enjoyable and educational.


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Dimensions 27 × 36 × 3 cm