Yummy Recipe Book

Yummy – It’s All About Balance

I am so excited to finally get this out to the world. Food for me is all about health, nutrition and just as important – enjoyment and socialisation.  

Yummy encompasses all that I love about food and health. From high protein dishes, clean salads, hearty pastas, nutrient dense and high protein snacks to quick sides and some good old recipes from my Nana, who is all about the sweet treats. Nana definitely wasn’t worried about macros – and there’s nothing better than a cup of tea with her Caramel Slice or Cookies.  

With nutritional information, as well as information on why balance is important, yummy will not only educate you but have you cooking up a storm the whole family can enjoy.

I hope you enjoy every single one of my recipes and I inspire you to look after your health, not only for now, but for the future too.  

Good luck – happy cooking!



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