23 protein balls on wooden cutting board
Fit By The Figure

Fit By The Figure

Chris’s 23 Protein Balls

Makes: 23
Calories per ball: 188 Calories

55g Almonds
20g Shredded coconut
100g Sultanas
90g vanilla whey protein
240g pitted dates
200g oats
300g smooth peanut butter – or almond butter

Mix everything except the peanut butter in a food processor for about 45 seconds.
Mix in the peanut butter and add a little water to combine.
Roll in to balls and refrigerate.  

Chris’s favourite numbers are 7 and 23 – and 7 protein balls wouldn’t last us the week. 
If you do want to lower the calorie content slightly you could make the balls a little smaller – but I think these are perfect.

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